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Selling Your Property The GREIA Way

The Sun Never Sets on GREIA

When your home is represented by GREIA Global Real Estate International Agents brand it benefits from the worldwide recognition and prestige of the GREIA name and gains exclusive access to highly qualified global clientele.

See below how the GREIA Global Real Estate Agents brand is successful in connecting homes with buyers worldwide.

Decision to Sell

Your home has been a major part of your life. Making the decision to sell is not one made lightly.
Your chosen GREIA agent will help you determine a marketing strategy to attract buyers interest.
Partner with a GREIA agent and you can depend on your agent to guide you through your house selling process.

GREIA is Changing the Way you Sell Your House

GREIA • Global Real Estate International Agents have entered into a new future and game changing global platforms for you to sell your home.
Your local GREIA agent is now connected to the global referral network of real estate agents who will offer your home to their clients in your area.
GREIA Agents are connected to the state of the art GREIA local and global network of GREIA agents.
Your home can be viewed on GREIA Hometours and myhomeworldwide.com Hometours showing all your homes features.

GREIA Referral Agents

GREIA Referral Originating Document


The reason for the existence of our GREIA Global Referral Network

As a Global Referral Network we exist to empower and enable our global customers and our global agents in fulfilling what matters to our customers in their real estate transaction or investment. The future of a GREIA Global Referral Agent and the picture of our concerns as a Global Network.


The Global Market for Real Estate

The customers in various segments of the Global Real Estate market see GREIA (Global Real Estate International Agents) and Global Referral Agents offerings as uniquely effective in equipping customers to fulfill their concerns for their real estate transaction.

GREIA is seen worldwide as the choice for customers to get what they want in the buying, selling or renting transactions.

GREIA is currently enabling the real estate market to become aware of a want that will make a difference.

GREIA and GREIA Referral Agents are seen as the opportunity to satisfy that want. The global market will see that our GREIA offerings as necessary, valuable and easy to access on greia.com.


For home buyers, sellers, renters and for people in the commercial sector.

For the people who take the advantage of our GREIA products and services are left with a new found effectiveness in matters in our relation to the real estate transaction. People who choose GREIA for their real estate needs are enlivened and lit up by their choice.

Our GREIA Agents and our Global Referral Agents having played an integral part in the creation of the future that GREIA is committed to fulfilling.

GRIEA future belongs to the GREIA Agents and staff. Each GREIA Agent and each Global Referral Agent sees an opportunity to making a significant difference in realizing the future of GREIA and in doing so sees and has an opportunity to contribute to fulfilling their personal and financial needs.


Global Referrals Network

The business you are in.

You are now in the business of listening for and reliably delivering Real Estate referrals to our Global Network of GREIA licensed and accredited agents worldwide.

GREIA our primary company and leading edge in the Real Estate products and services is widely regarded for its work.

As part of this network you will thrive financially.

For the world of Real Estate things that never moved are now moving.

The world of Real Estate has changed.

Your GREIA seller Agent has the opportunity to share your listing with GREIA Agents worldwide and placing your listing on myhomeworldwide.com a Global Real Estate online database. Your property is now visible to Global Buyers resulting in you getting the best offer. The Opportunity Never Ends.

The GREIA Brand Campaign Marketing

The location, the style and the feeling a buyer gets when they walk through your door.

Every aspect of your home should reflect of where a buyer would aspire to live.

A buyers life begins with a home that inspires them, when you choose a GREIA Agent to list and sell your property.

Your property begins a journey to worldwide exposure.

Selling and Marketing Your Property

When a listing is marketed through the GREIA Global Real Estate International Agents Network and placed on myhomeworldwide.com database that listing begins a journey to worldwide exposure.

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