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Why sell or buy with a GREIA Agent?

At GREIA your needs always come first.

Our GREIA Agents are coming from the foundation of integrity. Agents agree to provide a service, a  service that works for you.

Our Agents will create a timeline communication agreement with you either by phone, email or text.

Our Agents will do it, and they will do it when they say they will do it.

Integrity is our commitment that is how we keep you informed.

GREIA Technology

GREIA has partnered with Global Technology companies who provide our GREIA Agents with tools that give our Agents and Referral Agents a marketing advantage which allows us to market your property to the greatest number of buyers in the shortest possible time.

The GREIA Global Referral System and the GREIA Agent Teamwork

The GREIA Model is designed to reward all GREIA Agents and Referral Agents to support and work together as independently owned and operated agents.

At GREIA we believe that we will all be successful when we strive towards a common goal.

All our Agents are trained to share that vision, and to serve our clients and customers at the highest level possible.

Global Experience & Local Knowledge

All our GREIA Agents have access to our global training curriculum and our GREIA research resources.

Given this knowledge and information our team of expert agents will provide you with unparalleled service and support.

The GREIA Value System

The GREIA Agent Network was founded on principles of integrity, power, trust, honesty and leadership.

At GREIA this is what is important to us, this allows us to put your needs first.

We believe that our success is your success.

It starts over here with us and that is the legacy that we intend to pass on.

Our Agents are proud to be affiliated with our GREIA brand we are proud to have them

The growth at GREIA is a proof of our superior service and that is the reason for Agents to be part of our organization.

All our Global Agents are appreciated. When you are ready to sell your property, our agents can help you in all your choices and opportunities.

Wealth Building

Global Real Estate International Agents participate in our wealth building platform.

Our GREIA wealth platform is built around the premise that all our Global Real Estate Agents actively participate in building GREIA as the dominant Real Estate Company in their neighborhood, their city, their country and the world.

Our GREIA wealth building model is geared at the local and global market and will give the local and global agents the opportunity to reap the accompanying financial rewards.

Grow Your Wealth

Education and Training

At GREIA we are committed to education from board room to online training to on demand online training and coaching we provide the most advanced comprehensive coaching and learning for you to create opportunities in real estate.


The GREIA culture creates a sense of family and community that is unique in Real Estate industry.
When you’re in GREIA you’re family.

Technology and Marketing

Technology, Marketing and Property Intelligence are important in the GREIA network.

We focus on your business, your time and your money and every new agent we bring on our focus remains the same.




“By choosing to join GREIA you are now a Global Real Estate Agent with a leading Real Estate Company in the world.”


GREIA Global Real Estate International Agents has Real Estate Agents operating in the US, Europe and International countries across the globe.

Founded in 2012 by Sean Quinn & his vision & mission to create careers in GREIA worth having.

To create a GREIA Business worth owning.

To create a powerful life worth living for yourself and all the GREIA Real Estate Agents & Associates around the world.

From different parts of the world there are Real Estate Agents and Valuers turning to GREIA to become GREIA Agents, for education, technology, coaching and wealth building opportunities.

Being a part of GREIA allows you to create a powerful career.

You get to create realms of possibility to get more power freedom self expression and to make that difference to increase your wealth and the wealth of others.

Since it’s foundation GREIA has been among the fastest growing Global Real Estate Network in many countries across the globe.

In 2016 GREIA began building it’s platform and since 2017 the GREIA platform model has expanded across the world.

During the most challenging market in global history GREIA surpassed many of the worlds Real Estate franchise companies.

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