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The GREIA Licensed Timeshare Resale Agents and Brokers Network is an international body of licensed real estate professionals, dedicated to timeshare buyers and sellers.

GREIA Timeshare Agents. GREIA (Global Real Estate International Agents) offer professional representation for timeshare buyers and sellers worldwide with no upfront fees.

GREIA Timeshare Licensed Real Estate Agents adhere to the local law of the country where timeshare is located. This is the hallmark of the GREIA commitment to timeshare buyers and sellers.

The GREIA licensed timeshare resale agents and brokers strive to provide ethical services to timeshare sellers and buyers in compliance with local real estate law GREIA agents operate to the highest standards and fair dealing.

It is the GREIA licensed real estate agent which protects you, the consumer, and distinguishes us from the masses of the non licensed and non regulated agents and agencies that have taken over the internet with non refundable upfront fees.

All new GREIA timeshare members please complete the application below. GREIA Timeshare Agents membership is €295 per year. You will be informed of your approval to become a GREIA Timeshare member as soon as we have verified your information. Please allow up to 30 days for processing. Included in your membership is free membership to GREIA Global Referral Timeshare Agents.

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